Episode 7

How to Successfully Transfer a Family-Owned Business

David and Matthew Shields, the hosts of the Like It’s Your Job podcast, have spent most of their careers helping businesses and business leaders grow. Much like their guest this week, Eric Beichler, they were motivated by the desire to do something good.

On the episode this week, we discuss the ins and outs of purchasing a family-owned business, which has unique characteristics when compared to large corporations. To quote Eric during the episode, “The most difficult and eye opening part of the process is, while buying the business, you’re also running the business day-to-day. Everybody has to step up and step in.” There is never a right time to purchase a business, but sometimes, we must press forward.

Eric began his career with Mohr Partners Inc. in 1994 and has been a Managing Principal there for 24 years. Eric was an internal leader in growing the firm and ultimately was part of a management buyout of the named founder in April of 2017. He has held operational, recruiting and managerial positions within the firm over the years, including responsibility for developing Mohr Partners’ global platform. Today he spends most of his time driving revenue for the company through new client portfolio business and running the company’s Capital Markets sector. Eric’s experience in domestic and international markets as well as with family offices and private equity market represents a diverse range customers.

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